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Instead of Rent (IORENT) began as a men's fashion and style blog launched in late 2012. It's concept revolved around inspiring men's style through a creative approach: All photo shoots were done in collaboration with local boutiques, brands, or retailers. Outfits were hand-picked and styled for each shoot. Models were purposely selected and shooting was done on location in and around the North Carolina Triangle area. All of which was done to promote men's fashion, local businesses, and the locations that could be found within the Triangle.

In 2015, the vision of IORENT shifted towards an online and print publication to better fulfill its vision of inspiring and promoting the culture of the Triangle.


  • conceptualization
  • identity
  • branding
  • styling
  • photography
  • video production
  • online campaign development
  • creative direction
  • print



Identity and branding was tailored to reflect the idea of ownership. To leave behind the concept of following trends and rather fulfill one's own path. The following logo emerged as the stamp for this value.






Before the launch of the fashion blog, a social media campaign was developed to bring attention to the concept and begin educating the market. North Carolina and the south has been long regarded by many within the fashion world as style illiterate, so the campaign consisted of the slogan "Dress Like You Mean It." to inspire men to put forth effort and consciousness when it comes to their personal style.